What Coachella 2024 Fashion Means

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What Coachella 2024 Fashion Means

A turning point in fashion was afoot this past week, as the first weekend of Coachella 2024 kicked off. Perhaps it was the absence of Coachella poster child, Vanessa Hudgens that has redefined the fashion and dress criteria instilled for the occasion. Or the chatter surrounding whether Coachella was still worth going to at all. The newfound approach to Coachella fashion is more so symbolic of the democratization of fashion and how many attendees are seeking to march to the beat of their own drum.

The uniform, or a Vanessa Hudgens starter pack, for Coachella attendees just a decade ago was the trademark flower crown, short-shorts, Cowboy boots, and maybe a playsuit. But if this past weekend has proven anything, it’s that not everyone is willing to conform to the festival fashion aesthetic. Many attendees took a relatively laid-back approach and simply didn’t care what others thought of their outfits. Festival grounds showcased Spring 2024’s hottest styles from cowboycore, pops of red, sheerness, leathers, and of course provided a backdrop for the highly coveted Revolve Festival.


A sartorial fashion evolution at Coachella can be attributed to many things, though it seems to parallel the identity crisis many face in fashion. Trends have such a cohort life span and quick turnaround time, that many people often don’t know what they should be wearing or buying. Fashion’s algorithm can get oversaturated at times when a trend is at its peak, as consumerism causes many people to end up purchasing the exact same thing and looking the same. But doesn’t this defeat the purpose of forging your own non-verbal communication style with your fashion identity?

Coachella is historically one of the biggest events for fashion and expression, so it makes sense that today’s concert goers have made it known that they’re doing things their way this year. Fashion is subjective, but one’s personal sense of style is what’s truly their own. The first weekend of Coachella showcases a desire for a more hands-off approach, but in layman’s terms, wearing what you want with intent.

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