Trump trial today: Seven jurors sworn in as ex-president scolded by judge

Oliver OConnell
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Supporters and protesters rally outside Trump’s criminal trial

Donald Trump is back in court for day three of his hush money trial at the New York County criminal court in Lower Manhattan.

Proceedings in the trial were gathering pace with seven jurors confirmed — though this morning one was excused over concerns her identity was revealed. Judge Juan Merchan still appears hopeful that the remaining jurors and alternates can be selected by the end of the week. Opening statements could then begin on Monday.

Yesterday it was revealed that the former president can be asked about previous allegations of misconduct and crimes – including instances of sexual abuse and fraud – if he takes the stand.

Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg posted a list that includes “all misconduct and criminal acts of the defendant not charged in the indictment” that his office “intend to use at trial to impeach the credibility of” the former president should he testify, according to a court filing.

Mr Trump faces 34 counts of falsifying business records to conceal a $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels in the run-up to the 2016 election to ensure her silence about an alleged affair in 2006. He denies the affair and has pleaded not guilty.


Juror 4 excused

After his discussions with the judge, Juror #4 is excused.

Judge Merchan says: “He does not need to come back and should not come back.”

We are now down to five seated jurors.

Oliver O’Connell18 April 2024 17:16


Former US President Donald Trump sits beside his lawyers Todd Blanche and Emil Bove during jury selection
Former US President Donald Trump sits beside his lawyers Todd Blanche and Emil Bove during jury selection (REUTERS)
Oliver O’Connell18 April 2024 17:06


Court resumes

During the break, Juror #4 — who was seated on Tuesday but asked to come in over a discrepancy with his questionnaire answers — came into the court and spoke with Judge Merchan and the attorneys.

Judge Merchan said they asked Juror #4 questions, which were kept private so we won’t know exactly what it was about, and it is unclear if he has been dismissed or not.

Juror #4 also “expressed annoyance” at how much information was made public about him.

Judge Merchan is deep in conversation with prosecution attorneys with defence lawyers present as well.

Ariana Baio18 April 2024 17:01


Stormy Daniels ‘refused to take a subpoena’ from Trump lawyers

Kelly Rissman reports:

In a court filing, filed on Monday by Mr Trump’s legal team and obtained by The Associated Press, his attorneys said that a process server had approached Ms Daniels as she arrived at the 3 Dollar Bill nightclub in Brooklyn on the night of her screening of her new documentary Stormy in March.

According to the documents, Ms Daniels refused to take the papers and the process server Dominic DellaPorte was forced to “leave them at her feet”.

Read on…

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Court breaks for 15 minutes.

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Potential juror #9 is a man who works as a police officer for the New York Court of Claims (which gets a laugh from the courtroom).

He lives in Hell’s Kitchen – born and raised — and is married. He has season tickets to the Rangers and is a “longtime” member of the Knights of Columbus.

He reads The New York Post and The New York Daily News.

He makes a point to tell us he still uses a flip phone.

Ariana Baio18 April 2024 16:36


Potential juror #8 is a man who lives on the Upper West Side. He has lived in New York since 1980 but is originally from Lebanon. He is married and has three children and is retired having used to work in finance as a wealth manager.

He likes to go fly-fishing and also mediates and does yoga.

Ariana Baio18 April 2024 16:28


Potential juror #7 is a man who lives in the West Village and works as a security engineer. He has a high school degree and some college.

He is married to a woman and has three children and his spare time is occupied with his children but he also likes to do woodwork and metalwork.

He doesn’t really use social media.

Ariana Baio18 April 2024 16:24


Potential juror #6 is a man who lives in the West Village and works at a hedge fund. He has lived in New York for seven years and before that, he lived in southern New Jersey. He has no children, is single and enjoys hiking.

He gets his news from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Google, and X. He follows Trump on X and Instagram and read The Art of the Deal.

He indicates he has feelings about how Trump is being treated in this case but says that won’t affect him.

Ariana Baio18 April 2024 16:20


Potential juror #5 is a woman who lives in “the village”. She is a retired University administrator who lives alone and is a widow.

She enjoys reading and gardening in her free time. She says she is subscribed to The New York Times “mostly for the crossword puzzle”.

“Decades ago” she read The Art of the Deal.

Ariana Baio18 April 2024 16:14