Man held hostage in Oklahoma home after being lured with fast food delivery request

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Police say a man was held hostage in Oklahoma after being lured there with a fast food delivery request.

Officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department responded to a home after receiving a call about a man possibly being held against his will.

The caller told officials that their boyfriend had gone inside the house to drop off food and had not come out for over an hour. The caller believed something was wrong and that the victim was being held against his will.

According to the police report, Ariana Anderson answered the door when officers arrived.

Police asked Anderson if the victim was inside, and Anderson reportedly hesitated before confirming the victim was in the house.

Police said Anderson then shut the door before the victim was able to reach it. While the victim tried to explain what was going on to officers, he was cut off by the suspects.

After leaving the house, the victim went to the car where the caller was parked and asked officers to meet him at Valero.

The police report states that when officers met with the victim, he immediately burst into tears, saying he was being held against his will. The victim told police the suspects were mad at him for “snitching” and convinced him to bring them food.

A text message read, “I’m letting this go but can you get me and my girl some McDonalds.”

When he made it to the house, he was met by five suspects and pushed to the back of the house.

According to the victim, the suspects barred the door and told him that he was not leaving and that they were going to beat him up and kill him. At one point, one of the suspects allegedly sat in a chair right in front of the door and pushed the victim back anytime he got close.

After speaking to the victim, police officers went back to the house to arrest the suspects, but when they arrived, two suspects had already left.

The three other suspects were still in the home and were arrested for kidnapping. Anderson, Xavien Hogan and Mariyah Alexander were taken to the Oklahoma County jail.